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Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) Increase - 1st October 2016

In November 2015 Insurance Premium Tax for general insurance products in the UK was increased to 9.5%. From 1st October 2016 this increased to 10% (remaining at 20% for Travel insurance).

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IPT Increase

All general insurance products in the UK attract insurance premium tax currently at a rate of 6%. From 1st November 2015 this will increase to 9.5% (remaining at 20% for Travel insurance).

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Motor insurance: the secret to smart, safe driving

Motor Insurance has been a legal requirement and an essential part of good motoring for decades now but the way driver approach their motor insurance has begun to change over the past few years.

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I have used the services of Sherwin Insurance to arrange insurance cover for many years. I find them easy to speak to and responsive to my enquiries. They have sourced cover to include product liability for boats and associated parts (something that is excluded from many standard insurances for engineers). They undertake an annual review of cover to ensure matters remain up to date. When I had a theft claim they greatly assisted in negotiating a fair settlement. I am happy to commend their services to you.

Gerry Rose – Rose Engineering