Combined Liability

Most businesses require a combination of liability cover. Since each business is unique, Sherwin Insurance Services can equip you with the right level and type of insurance that is tailored to how you operate, who you employ and who you deal with. With the right policy, you can rest in the knowledge that you are protected should an incident occur.

Public Liability

Public Liability protects all types of businesses which interact with members of the public, clients or customers. If somebody visits your business premises and suffers a loss or damage to their property, an injury to themselves or even death, you could be held liable. If you work from home or organise events off-site, you could still be held liable.

Sherwin Insurance Services has extensive experience in dealing with Public Liability cover, so you can count on us to equip you with the confidence and peace of mind every business needs to thrive.

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Employers’ Liability

If you employ somebody, paid or voluntary, Employers’ Liability is a legal requirement. The cover aims to protect you from claims arising out of incidents involving your employees. This could include incidents as a consequence of non-compliant health and safety procedures, or where tools, materials and equipment are unsafe for use. If an incident occurs, it could not only cause stress on your business financially, damaging your reputation or ability to operate but could result in anguish for your employee, too.

Whatever the nature, size or style of your business, risks to your employees will be unique so you’ll need a unique policy that seeks to mirror these. We can cover for all insurable risks in most sectors, from construction, retail, hospitality and more.

Product Liability

If members of the public interact with products you have designed, manufactured, imported, supplied, amended or repaired, Product Liability is not only a legal requirement but can also give you and the person injured comfort during a stressful time. If your negligence or error is found to be the cause of the incident and you are found liable, it could mark an end to your business and have dire consequences on your career. Without adequate insurance, you could be risking this with every working day.

At Sherwin Insurance Services, we have considerable experience in sourcing strong Product Liability cover appropriate to you, helping you to sustain the progress you make.

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